Daniel Ornellas

Producer • Artist • Music Guide

It is my constant pursuit to make great music that can help move people, not only emotionally, but essentially move them forward towards finding their heart sound and ultimately reaching their career goals. I believe that I have discovered my strengths and I am becoming more aware of my weaknesses. I have developed incredible relationships with some super talented people so I am able to bring the right creatives together to make music that has integrity and heart as well as world class artistry.

Think of me as the guy that connects you to world class players and helps to facilitate an environment that allows incredible stuff to happen. My mission is to pour my experience, my network of creative genius friends, my talent and heart into every project I take on.

I believe that faith is important, I believe that people are important, I believe that integrity is the cornerstone of good business and a good life.

For me, the environment that we create art in is super important. When peoples dreams are at stake and comfort zones are being stretched there is always potential for breakdown in communication. If you had to ask me what my biggest skill set is I would say that it is fostering a sense of safety in a creative environment. Below are a few projects that I have done. Check them out on their respective iTunes links. I also have records that are mixed but not out yet. If you would like to hear some of my work, email me and I will dropbox you my latest offerings. 

Being in Nashville, I have the opportunity of pulling my friends in on records that I make. Some players I have had on records that I have produced have been Fred Williams, Stu G (delirious), Cara Fox (Gungor), Eamon McLoughlin (Josh Turner), Dan Mitchell (moving sidewalks), Derek Wyatt (Kelly Clarkson) Aaron Sterling (John Mayer), Paul Mabury (all sons and daughters/ that sound), Evan Hutchings, Steve Mckellar (Civil Twilight) Brenton Brown, Sarah Macintosh, Jaci Velasquez and many more.

In my opinion, casting the right players for your sound is the most important part of making a great record. We can hand pick the players you need for your project to make it exactly what we want it to be.

In 2017 DoMusic produced 140 songs for the We Are Worship Resource site.

Below are a few of the records I have produced.


If you are interested in working on a record please check out this document as a guideline and send me an email once you have some idea of what it is you would like to do.