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Days of Goodness

Had a great busy march so far. Over 80 new students in CMI Academy so that is super full on but rewarding. I am loving connecting with students that are wanting to learn how to take their music to another level.The Worship Republic Hymns record was done in one weekend and I am so happy with it. We launch a pre release of it this weekend in an event for CRU in Scottsdale Arizona and I cant wait for folks to hear it. It features a young singer by the name of Hannah Oliver who is amazing. It also has beautiful live strings and some very cool country and almost hillbilly qualities to it. Here is a link to the record if you would like to hear some of it.


I also just got done recording Ian Zumbacks record which sounds stellar and will be edited and sorted in a month or so.  We recorded vocals at ocean way studios in Nashville.

New assistant Sue Ann is awesome. She is a tech genius and I am stoked to be able to work with her into the future.

Trying to still get to South Africa for the TREE 63 reunion tour if I can work it out. I would love to play with my brothers again. If I don’t get there you need to go support the shows. They will be epic.

Henri Kriels record will be done soon and I am excited to see what the response is to these home down cool songs from the heart. Daniel Harrisons record came out a few weeks ago that I produced and I am so happy with it. Buy it here if you can.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/turn-my-desert-ep/id835104676


You wont be sorry. I love his songs and his vocal and everything about this record. Jacob Daniel’s record is sounding great and will be out of the gates here pretty soon. So stoked with how it is turning out. 

Don’t forget to check out Nalini’s ‘today tomorrow’ indiegogo. She is awesome and is coming in from Australia in June to record a full album with me. Great heart, great songs. Worth the investment.http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/today-tomorrow-aaj-kal